Bush to Reopen Closed Dorm after Asbestos Removal

Bush Hall will be undergoing renovation this year. The renovation works are underway at its closed dorm, situated on East Green. Christine Sheets, the asst. vice president of Capital & Facilities Planning, says the upcoming changes are going to benefit both the staff and students. The hall was constructed in year 1954 when asbestos was a very popular building material. It was compelled to close in year 2010 for asbestos removal and because of required finishes and upgrades of building system. The complete renovation, including asbestos removal and furniture buyings, is expected to cost the Residential Housing $8.8M that will be covered through collected money reserves from housing rentals on the campus, says Peter Trentacoste, the Housing director. The asbestos abatement, which the crew had to complete before going ahead with renovations, cost approximately $120000, according to Harry Wyatt, the associate vice president of Capital & Facilities Planning. â??Asbestos abatement is actually a routine thing and we do that whenever we do renovations. The projectâ??s size doesnâ??t matter,â? he said. Asbestos is a common substance in old buildings because it was extensively used as a construction material before the 1980s. Removal of asbestos is a very expensive and time consuming process. As the other renovation works within the housing plan starts, OH University has to begin to take on debt in addition to the cash reserves, said Trentacoste. â??We are quite aggressive with our plans, but I believe students will be really happy with the outcome,â? Trentacoste said. The renovation project will add some new features to the presently closed dorm, for instance, new furnishings, sinks, thermostats, staff offices, elevator and multipurpose room on the 2nd floor, said Sheets. The room, which is a multipurpose one, could serve such as a classroom or a common room for students, according to Trentacoste. â??We are allowing it to become a space which could be transformed out with simplicity,â? he said. Dorm renovation works in the future will feature equally adaptable spaces, Trentacoste added. â??That is the aim, to ensure that this is really a lively place which could be changed accordingly with the requirements of users,â? said Trentacoste. The dorm is expected to reopen in 2014 January after renovations. This is actually an issue for the Residential Housing as most of the renovated dorms normally open at the start of school year, said Sheets.

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